Fun and unique paper party gifts
and decor
Surprise Balls!

Rip them open 

the paper falls

treats and prizes

they're surprise balls!© 

About Us

In 2011, Watermelon Party opened as a subsidiary shop to M Ann M Creations. At Watermelon Party Shop you will find nostalgic options for party and gift giving occasions. 


The Watermelon Party name is derived from a cherished nickname given to me by my late Grandfather who used to call me, Watermelon Girl. 

Thanks for your interest in my work!

                                         ~ Melanie Ann

What is a Surprise Ball?

Originally popular in the 1940's - 1950's surprise balls have always brought smiles to faces of young and old alike.  One ball can be given to a single person or the  ball can be passed around a small group in a game of Pass the Parcel!

What People Say

These are the most adorable surprise balls. My granddaughter is in love with them. Every time I see her, she wants to know if I have one for her!

Spectacular! I felt like it was my birthday!!! So many treats and so much fun!

I love all of them so much that I wanna keep them. Beyond creative and beautiful craftsmanship on these surprise toys. I'm thinking about future ones! 


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